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Volume 1, October 1998


Liew, C.Y., Guo, L.D., Ranghoo, V.M., Goh, T.K. and Hyde, K.D.

Molecular approaches to assessing fungal diversity in the natural environment (View PDF)

Tsui, K.M., Fryar, S.C., Hodgkiss, I.J., Hyde, K.D., Poonyth, A.D. and Taylor, J.E.

The effect of human disturbance on fungal diversity in the tropics (View PDF)

Ecology and Biodiversity

Brown, K.B., Hyde, K.D. and Guest, D.I.
Preliminary studies on endophytic fungal communities of Musa acuminata species complex in Hong Kong and Australia. (View PDF)

Raviraja, N.S., Sridhar, K.R. and Bärlocher, F.

Fungal species richness in Western Ghat streams (southern India): is it related to pH, temperature or altitude? (View PDF)


Guo, L.D., Hyde, K.D. and Liew, E.C.Y.
A method to promote sporulation in palm endophytic fungi. (View PDF)

Molecular biology

Goh, T.K., Hyde, K.D. and Lee, D.K.L.
Generic distinction in the Helminthosporium-complex based on restriction analysis of the nuclear ribosomal RNA gene. (View PDF)

Kang, J.C., Kong, R.Y.C. and Hyde, K.D.
Studies on the Amphisphaeriales: Amphisphaeriaceae (sensu stricto) and its phylogenetic relationships inferred from 5.8S rDNA and ITS2 sequences. (View PDF)


Crous, P.W. and Seifert, K.A.
Megaconidia as an additional taxonomic character in Cylindrocladium, with a note on Cylindrocladiopsis. (View PDF)

Goh, T.K. and Hyde, K.D. -
A synopsis of and a key to Diplococcium species, based on the literature, with a description of a new species. (View PDF)

Hyde, K.D., Taylor, J.E. and Fröhlich, J.
Fungi from palms. XXXIV. The genus Neolinocarpon with five new species and one new combination. (View PDF)

Hyde, K.D., Wong, S.W. and Jones, E.B.G.
Diluviocola capensis gen. and sp. nov., a freshwater ascomycete with unique polar caps on the ascospores. (View PDF)

Kohlmeyer, J. and Volkmann-Kohlmeyer, B.
A new marine Xylomyces on Rhizophora from the Caribbean and Hawaii. (View PDF)

Lee, O.H.K., Goh, T.K. and Hyde, K.D.
Diplocladiella aquatica, a new hyphomycete from Brunei. (View PDF)

Lu, B.S., Hyde, K.D. and Ho, W.W.H.
Spirodecospora gen. nov. (Xylariaceae, Ascomycotina) from bamboo in Hong Kong. (View PDF)

Yanna, Hyde, K.D. and Goh, T.K.

Koorchaloma novojournalis sp. nov., a new sporodochial fungus from Hong Kong. (View PDF)

New Combinations (View PDF)

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Volume 2, April 1999


Cannon, P.F.
Options and constraints in rapid diversity analysis of fungi in natural systems. (View PDF)

Pointing, S.B.
Qualitative methods for the determination of lignocellulolytic enzyme production by tropical fungi. (View PDF)

Ecology and Biodiversity

Alias, S.A. et al.
Intertidal fungi from the Philippines, with a description of Acrocordiopsis sphaerica sp. nov. (View PDF)


Goh, T.K.
Single-spore isolation using a hand-made glass needle. (View PDF)

Ranghoo, V.M. et al.

Molecular Biology Family placement of Ascotaiwania and Ascolacicola based on DNA sequences from the large subunit rRNA gene. (View PDF)


Aptroot, A.
Thelenella terricola, a new saprobic ascomycete from upland Papua New Guinea. (View PDF)

Goh, T.K.
A revision of the genus Dictyosporium, with descriptions of three new species. (View PDF)

Goh, T.K.and Hyde, K.D.
A synopsis of Trichocladium species, based on the literature. (View PDF)

Kang, J.C. et al.
Studies on Amphisphaeriales: The genera excluded from the Amphisphaeriaceae, Cainiaceae and Clypeosphaeriaceae. (View PDF)

Mibey, R.K. and Kokwaro, J.O.
Two new species of Meliola from Kenya. (View PDF)

Whitton, S.R. et al.
Microfungi on the Pandanaceae, a new species of Stictis (Ostropales). (View PDF)

Wong, M.K.M. et al
A new species of Phragmitensis (ascomycetes) from senescent culms of Phragmites australis. (View PDF)

Yanna et al.

Endomelanconium phoenicicola, a new coelomycete from Phoenix hanceana in Hong Kong. (View PDF)


Ho, W.H. et al.
Ultrastructure of Annulatascus aquaticus sp. nov., a freshwater ascomycete on submerged wood from Hong Kong. (View PDF)

Hyde, K.D. and Wong, S.W
An ultrastructural study of the asci and banded ascospores of Fasciatispora petrakii. (View PDF)

Wong, S.W. and Hyde, K.D.
Ultrastructural observations on Oxydothis alexandrarum. (View PDF)

Wong, S.W. et al.

Ultrastructural studies of freshwater ascomycetes Fluminicola bipolaris gen. et sp. nov. (View PDF)

New Combinations (View PDF)

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Volume 3, October 1999

Ecology and Biodiversity

Fryar, S.C., Kirby, G.C. and Hyde, K.D.
Species abundance patterns of two wood decay basidiomycete communities. (View PDF)

Goh, T.K. and Hyde, K.D.

Fungi on submerged wood and bamboo in the Plover Cove Reservoir, Hong Kong. (View PDF)


Choi, Y.W., Hyde, K.D. and Ho, W.H.
Single spore isolation of fungi. (View PDF)


Braun, U. and Sivapalan, A.
Cercosporoid hyphomycetes from Brunei. (View PDF)

Ho, W.H., Tsui, K.M., Hodgkiss, I.J. and Hyde, K.D.
Aquaticola, a new genus of Annulatascaceae from freshwater habitats. (View PDF)

Lu, B.S., Hyde, K.D. and Yuan, Z.Q.
The genus Anthostomella in Australia. (View PDF)

Núñez, M. and Ryvarden, L.
New and interesting polypores from Japan. (View PDF)

Pearce, C.A., Reddell, P. and Hyde, K.D.
A revision of Phyllachora (Ascomycotina) on hosts in the angiosperm family Asclepiadaceae, including P. gloriana sp. nov. on Tylophora benthamii from Australia. (View PDF)

Poonyth, A.D., Hyde, K.D. Aptroot A. and Peerally, A.
Three new species of Massarina associated with terrestrial, non-marine parts of mangroves. (View PDF)

Smith, G.J.D., Hyde, K.D. and Whalley, A.J.S.
A new species and new records of Hypoxylon from Acheron Gap, Victoria, Australia. (View PDF)

Taylor, J.E. and Crous, P.W.

Phaeophleospora faureae comb. nov. associated with leaf spots on Faurea saligna (Proteaceae), with a key to the species of Phaeophleospora. (View PDF)

Wang, Y.Z. and Hyde, K.D.
Hyponectria buxi with notes on the Hyponectriaceae. (View PDF)

Whitton, S.R., Mckenzie, E.H.C. and Hyde, K.D.
Microfungi on the Pandanaceae: Troposporopsis gen. nov. (View PDF)

Zhou, D.Q., Goh, T.K, Hyde, K.D and Vrijmoed, L.L.P.
A new species of Spadicoides and other hyphomycetes on bamboo from Hong Kong. (View PDF)

Zhuang, W.Y.
Discomycetes of tropical China. VI. Additional species from Guangxi. (View PDF)

New Combinations (View PDF)

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Volume 4, April 2000


Glockling, S.L. and Beakes, G.W.
A review of the taxonomy, biology and infection strategies of "biflagellate holocarpic" parasites of nematodes. (View PDF)

Ho, W.H. and Hyde, K.D.

A new family of freshwater ascomycetes. (View PDF)

Ho, Y.W.,
Abdullah, N. and Jalaludin, S. - The diversity and taxonomy of anaerobic gut fungi. (View PDF)

Jones, E.B.G.
Marine fungi: some factors influencing biodiversity. (View PDF)

Ecology and Biodiversity

Polishook, J.D., Peláez, F., Platas, G., Asensio, F.J. and Bills, G.F.
Observations on Aspergilli in Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica. (View PDF)

Suryanarayanan, T.S., Senthilarasu, G. and Muruganandam, V.
Endophytic fungi from Cuscuta reflexa and its host plants. (View PDF)


Desjardin, D.E., Boonpratuang, T., Ruksawong, P. and Hywel-Jones, N.
A new species of Incrustocalyptella from Thailand. (View PDF)

Poonyth, A.D., Hyde, K.D., Aptroot, A. and Peerally, A.
Mauritiana rhizophorae gen. et sp. nov. (Ascomycetes, Requienellaceae), with a list of terrestrial saprobic mangrove fungi. (View PDF)

Wang, Y.Z., Wong, M.K.M. and Hyde, K.D.
Ommatomyces, with one new species and one new combination. (View PDF)

Whitton, S.R., McKenzie, E.H.C. and Hyde, K.D.
Dictyochaeta and Dictyochaetopsis species from the Pandanaceae. (View PDF)

Whitton, S.R., McKenzie, E.H.C. and Hyde, K.D.
Microfungi on the Pandanaceae: Acrodictys, with two new species. (View PDF)

Wong, M.K.M., Goh, T.K. and Hyde, K.D.
Paraphaeosphaeria schoenoplecti sp. nov. from senescent culms of Schoenoplectus litoralis in Hong Kong. (View PDF)

Zhou, D.Q. and Hyde, K.D.
Submersisphaeria bambusicola sp. nov. from bamboo in Hong Kong. (View PDF)

New Combinations (View PDF)

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Volume 5, October 2000

Hawksworth, D.L.
Freshwater and marine lichen-forming fungi. (View PDF)

Alias, S.A. and Jones, E.B.G.
Colonization of mangrove wood by marine fungi at Kuala Selangor mangrove stand. (View PDF)

Sarma, V.V. and Vittal, B.P.R.
Biodiversity of mangrove fungi on different substrata of Rhizophora apiculata and Avicennia spp. from Godavari and Krishna deltas, east coast of India. (View PDF)

El-Morsy, E.M.
Fungi isolated from the endorhizosphere of halophytic plants from the Red Sea Coast of Egypt. (View PDF)

Molitoris, H.P., Buchalo, A.S. Kurchenko, I. Nevo, E. Rawal, B.S. Wasser S.P. and Oren A.
Physiological diversity of the first filamentous fungi isolated from the hypersaline Dead Sea. (View PDF)

Sivichai, S., Jones, E.B.G. and Hywel-Jones, N.L.
Fungal colonisation of wood in a freshwater stream at Khao Yai National Park, Thailand. (View PDF)

Chan, S.Y., Goh, T.K. and Hyde, K.D.
Ingoldian fungi in Hong Kong. (View PDF)

Chan, S.Y., Goh, T.K. and Hyde, K.D.
Ingoldian fungi in Lam Tsuen River and Tai Po Kau Forest Stream, Hong Kong. (View PDF)

Sridhar, K.R., Krauss, G., Bärlocher, F., Wennrich, R. and Krauss, G.

J. Fungal diversity in heavy metal polluted waters in central Germany. (View PDF)

Leaño, E.M., Jones E.B.G. and Vrijmoed, L.L.P.
Why are Halophytophthora species well adapted to mangrove habitats? (View PDF)

Nakagiri, A.
Ecology and diversity of Halophytophthora species. (View PDF)

El-Hissy, F.T., El-Zayat, S.A. and Massoud, M.S.
Monthly and vertical fluctuations of aquatic fungi at different depths in Aswan High Dam Lake, Egypt. (View PDF)

El-Nagdy, M.A. and Nasser, L.A.
Occurrence of zoosporic and terrestrial fungi in accumulated rainfall water in the Riyadh region (Saudu Arabia). (View PDF)

Fan, K.W., Chen, F., Jones, E.B.G. and Vrijmoed, L.L.P.
Utilization of food processing waste by Thraustochytrids. (View PDF)

Sarma, V.V., Raghukumar, S., Hyde, K.D., Vittal, B.P.R. and Chandramohan, D.

A CD-ROM for documentation and identification of mangrove fungi. (View PDF)

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Volume 6, February 2001

Ecology and Biodiversity

Aptroot, A.
Lichenized and saprobic fungal biodiversity of a single Elaeocarpus tree in Papua New Guinea, with the report of 200 species of ascomycetes associated with one tree. (View PDF)

Gilbertson, R.L. et al.
Fungi from the mamane-naio vergetation zone of Hawaii. (View PDF)

Leaño, E.M.
Straminipilous organisms from fallen mangrove leavs from Panay Island, Philippines. (View PDF)

Photita,W. et al.
Fungi on Musa Acuminata in Hong Kong. (View PDF)

Sarma, V.V. and Vittal, B.P.R.
Biodiversity of manglicolous fungi on selected plants in the Godavari and Krishna deltas, East coast of India. (View PDF)

Yanna et al.
Occurrence of fungi on tissues of Livistona chinensis. (View PDF)


Baroni. T.J. et al.

Clitopilus chalybescens, a new species from Thailand. (View PDF)

Braun, U. et al.
Notes on some cercosporoid hyphomycetes from Agentina. (View PDF)

Hosagoudar, V.B. et al.
Fungi from palms. XLVII. A new species of Asterina on palms in India. (View PDF)

Pearce, C.A. and Hyde, K.D.
Two new genera in the Phyllachoraceae Sphaerodothella to accommodate sphaerodothis danthoniae, and Parberya gen. Nov. (View PDF)

Núñez, M. et al.
New and interesting polypores from East Russia. (View PDF)

Vánky, K.
The emended Ustilaginaceae of the modern classificatory system from smut fungi. (View PDF)

Yang, Z.L. et al.
Revision of Amanita collections made from Hainan, Southern China. (View PDF)

Zhuang, W.Y. and Hyde, K.D.
Discomycetes of tropical China. V. Species new to Hong Kong. (View PDF)

Book Reviews (View PDF)

New Combinations (View PDF)

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Volume 7, June 2001


Soytong, K. et al.

Application of Chaetomium species (Ketomium®) as a new broad spectrum biological fungicide for plant disease control: A review article. (View PDF)

Ecology and Biodiversity

Hsu. M.J. and Agoramoorthy, G.
Occurrence and diversity of thermophilous soil microfungi in forest and cave ecosystems of Taiwan. (View PDF)

Hyde, K.D. et al.
Saprobic fungi on bamboo culms. (View PDF)

Romero, A. et al.
Fungal latent pathogens and endophytes from leaves of Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae). (View PDF)

Su, X.Q. et al.
A report on a mosquito-killing fungus, Pythium carolinianum. (View PDF)


Cannon, P.F.
Rediscovery and redescription of the genus Uleoporthe (Melanconidaceae). (View PDF)

Jones, E.B.G. et al.

Trichocladium melhae sp. nov., a new tropical marine fungus. (View PDF)

Liu, X. et al.
Construction of a cDNA library of Pythium carolinianum, a mosquito-killing fungus. (View PDF)

Liu, Z.Y. et al.
A new species of Beauveria, the anamorph of Cordyceps sobolifera. (View PDF)

Muntañola-Cvetkovic, M, et al.
Penicillium aureocephalum anam. sp. nov. (View PDF)

Smith, G.J.D. and Hyde, K.D.
Fungi from palm. XLIX. Astrocystis, Biscogniauxia, Cyanopulvis, Hypoxylon, Nemania, Guestia, Rosellinia and Stilbohypoxylon. (View PDF)

Tsui, C.K.M. et al.

A revision of the genus Exserticlava, with a new species. (View PDF)

Vánky, K. and Shivas, R.G.
New smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) from Australia. (View PDF)

Whitton, S.R. et al.
Microfungi on the Pandanaceae: Paraceratocladium seychellarum sp. nov. and a review of the genus. (View PDF)

New Combinations (View PDF)

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Volume 8, October 2001


Sarma, V.V. and Hyde, K.D.
A review on frequently occurring fungi in mangroves. (View PDF)

Ecology and Biodiversity

Grgurinovic, C.A. and Simpson, J.A.
Conservation Status of the known Agaricales, Boletales, Cantharellales, Lycoperdales, Phallales and Russulales of South Australia. (View PDF)

Grunden, E., Chen, W. and Crane, J.L.
Fungi colonizing microsclerotia of Verticillium dahliae in urban environments. (View PDF)

Phuwiwat, W. and Soytong, K.
The effect of Penicillium notatum on plant growth. (View PDF)

Suryanarayanan, T.S. and Vijaykrishna, D.
Fungal endophytes of aerial roots of Ficus benghalensis. (View PDF)


Abdel-Wahab, M.A., El-Sharouney, H. and Jones, E.B.G.

Two new intertidal lignicolous Swampomyces species from Red Sea Mangroves in Egypt. (View PDF)

Braun, U.
Taxonomic notes on some species of the Cercospora complex (VII). (View PDF)

Bussaban, B., Lumyong, S., Lumyong, P., McKenzie, E.H.C. and Hyde, K.D.

A synopsis of the genus Berkleasmium with two new species and new records of Canalisporium caribense from Zingiberaceae in Thailand. (View PDF)

Dulymamode, R., Cannon, P.F., Hyde, K.D. and Peerally, A.

Four new ascomycete species from endemic Pandanus of Mauritius. (View PDF)

Shivas, R.G. and Vánky, K.

The smut fungi on Cynodon, including Sporisorium normanensis, a new species from Australia. (View PDF)

Whitton, S.R., McKenzie, E.H.C. and Hyde, K.D.
Microfungi on the Pandanaceae: Nakatopsis gen. nov., a new hyphomycete genus from Malaysia. (View PDF)

Wong, M.K.M., Yanna, Goh, T.K. and Hyde, K.D.
Two new species of Constantinella from Hong Kong. (View PDF)

Yanna, Ho, W.H., Hyde, K.D. and McKenzie, E.H.C.
Sporidesmiella oraniopsis, a new species of dematiaceous hyphomycete from North Queensland, Australia and synopsis of the genus. (View PDF)

New Combinations (View PDF)

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Volume 9, February 2002

Hyde, K.D., Zhou, D.Q. and Dalisay, T.
Bambusicolous fungi: A review (View PDF)(View abstract)

Aptroot, A.
New and interesting lichens and lichenicolous fungi in Brazil (View PDF)(View abstract)

Cafaro, M.J.
Species richness patterns in symbiotic gut fungi (Trichomycetes) (View PDF)(View abstract)

Cai, L., Tsui, C.K.M., Zhang, K. and Hyde, K.D.
Aquatic fungi from Lake Fuxian, Yunnan, China (View PDF)(View abstract)

Inácio, C.A. and Cannon, P.F.

Re-interpretation of Cocconia palmae, with description of the genus Dianesea (Ascomycota: Dothideomycetidae) (View PDF)(View abstract)

Kumaresan, V. and Suryanarayanan, T.S.
Endophyte assemblages in young, mature and senescent leaves of Rhizophora apiculata: evidence for the role of endophytes in mangrove litter degradation (View PDF) (View abstract)

Leaño, E.M.
Haliphthoros spp. from spawned eggs of captive mud crab, Scylla serrata, broodstocks (View PDF)(View abstract)

Morrison-Gardiner, S.

Dominant fungi from Australian coral reefs (View PDF)(View abstract)

Risna, R.A. and Suhirman.

Ligninolytic enzyme production by Polyporaceae from Lombok, Indonesia (View PDF)(View abstract)

Schnittler, M., Lado, C. and Stephenson, S.L.
Rapid biodiversity assessment of a tropical myxomycete assemblage - Maquipucuna Cloud Forest Reserve, Ecuador (View PDF)(View abstract)

Sivanesan, A. and Shivas, R.G.
New species from each of the pyrenomycete genera Hyponectria, Physalospora and Trichosphaeria from Queensland, Australia (View PDF)(View abstract)

Sivanesan, A. and Shivas, R.G.
Planistromella opuntiae sp. nov. from Queensland, Australia, and key to the known species (View PDF)(View abstract)

Worapong, J., Ford, E., Strobel, G. and Hess, W.
UV light-induced conversion of Pestalotiopsis microspora to biotypes with multiple conidial forms (View PDF)(View abstract)

New Combinations (View PDF)

28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 -
Volume 10, June 2002

Hyde, K.D. and Jones, E.B.G.
Introduction to fungal succession (View PDF)(View abstract)

Fryar, S.C.
Fungal succession or sequence of fruit bodies (View PDF)(View abstract)

Suzuki, A.
Fungal succession at different scales (View PDF)(View abstract)

Ho, W.H., Yanna, Hyde, K.D. and Hodgkiss, I.J.
Seasonality and sequential occurrence of fungi on wood submerged in Tai Po Kau Forest Stream, Hong Kong (View PDF)(View abstract)

Kane, D.F., Tam, W.Y. and Jones, E.B.G.
Fungi colonising and sporulating on submerged wood in the River Severn, UK (View PDF)(View abstract)

McMullan-Fisher, S.J.M., May, T.W. and Keane, P.J.

The macrofungal community and fire in a Mountain Ash forest in southern Australia (View PDF)(View abstract)

Panebianco, C., Tam, W.Y. and Jones, E.B.G.

The effect of pre-inoculation of balsa wood by selected marine fungi and their effect on subsequent colonisation in the sea (View PDF)(View abstract)

Promputtha, I., Lumyong, S., Lumyong, P., McKenzie, E.H.C. and Hyde, K.D.
Fungal succession on senescent leaves of Manglietia garrettii in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, northern Thailand (View PDF)(View abstract)

Richardson, M.J.
The coprophilous succession (View PDF)(View abstract)

Sivichai, S., Jones, E.B.G. and Hywel-Jones, N.
Fungal colonisation of wood in a freshwater stream at Tad Ta Phu, Khao Yai National Park, Thailand (View PDF)(View abstract)

Somrithipol, S., Jones, E.B.G. and Hywel-Jones, N.L.

Fungal diversity and succession on pods of Delonix regia (Leguminosae) exposed in a tropical forest in Thailand (View PDF)(View abstract)

Suzuki, A., Uchida, M. and Kita, Y.
Experimental analyses of successive occurrence of ammonia fungi in the field (View PDF)(View abstract)

Tokumasu, S. and Aoiki, T.
A new approach to studying microfungal succession on decaying pine needles in an oceanic subtropical region in Japan (View PDF)(View abstract)

Yanna, Ho, W.H. and Hyde, K.D.
Fungal succession on fronds of Phoenix hanceana in Hong Kong (View PDF)(View abstract)

Zhou, D.Q. and Hyde, K.D.
Fungal succession on bamboo in Hong Kong (View PDF)(View abstract)

Zhou, X.D., De Beer, W., Wingfield, B.D. and Wingfield, M.J.

Infection sequence and pathogenicity of Ophiostoma ips, Leptographium serpens and L. lundbergii to pines in South Africa (View PDF)(View abstract)

Jones, E.B.G. and Hyde, K.D.

Succession: where do we go from here? (View PDF)(View abstract)
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