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Fungal Diversity Research Series
In the table below are the present publications in our Research Series. Please click on a title for more details.
Series Title
1 Marine Mycology
2 Genera of Palm Ascomycetes
3 Palm Microfungi
5 Checklist of Hong Kong Fungi
6 Bio-Exploitation of Filamentous Fungi
7 Fungi in Marine Enviroments
8 Smut fungi of New Zealand -- The Fungi of New Zealand volume 2
9 Genus Mycena in South-Eastern Australia
10 Freshwater Mycology
11 Myxomycetes of New Zealand -- The Fungi of New Zealand volume 3
12 Microfungi of Tropical and Temperate Palms
13 Revision of the genus Amphisphaeria
14 Introduction to Fungi of New Zealand -- The Fungi of New Zealand volume 1
16 Fungi on Trees and Shrubs in New Zealand -- The Fungi of New Zealand volume 4
17 Phyllachoraceae of Australia

Genera of Freshwater Fungi

19 Agaricales of New Zealand 1: Pluteaceae - Entolomataceae-- The Fungi of New Zealand volume 5
Fungal Diversity Research Series is published intermittently. Each volume will be priced separately. Details of prices will be found on our ORDER FORM.

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