Genera of Ascomycetes from Palms

Series 2

Genera of Ascomycetes from Palms
Kevin D. Hyde, Joanne E. Taylor & Jane Fröhlich

This book is an attempt to aid the work of a student or mycologist studying ascomycetes. It is the first of a planned series where a group of fungi are described and illustrated. The illustrations are photomicrographs and are used as opposed to line diagrams, in the hope that the visual images will simplify the task of identification. This will enable students to recognize differences between important characteristic features. Palm microfungi have been chosen for this first text as the first author has been studying this group for over one decade. The two co-authors, as previous students of palm microfungi, had the daunting task of understanding these fungi and gathering all of the literature. Their efforts have led to this book being possible. Many of the genera included here are not confined to palms and it is hoped that this book will provide a good basis for studying and identifying genera of temperate and tropical fungi.

10.5x7.5 inches
US$ 100
July 2000