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“To study the freshwater fungi in different types of water bodies along a north to south transect in the Asian/Australian region. This will involve the training of students in freshwater fungi throughout the region”


1. To establish the biodiversity of freshwater fungi in lotic (creeks, rivers, streams) and lentic (ponds, lakes, reservoirs) habitats throughout the Asian region
2. To establish the differences in freshwater fungal communities with changes in climate, latitude and altitude
3. To relate freshwater fungal communities to riparian vegetation types throughout the region
4. To establish freshwater fungal communities in extreme aquatic habitats (acid, alkaline, salt, high and low temperatures)
5. To train students in freshwater fungi identification
6. To establish the effect of global warming on ecosystem function in relation to freshwater fungi


1. Freshwater fungi definitions
2. Importance
3. History
4. Taxonomic grouping and evolution
5. Distribution and global warming
6. Effects of pollution