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Volume 11, October 2002

Abdel-Raheem, A. and Shearer, C.A.

Extracellular enzyme production by freshwater ascomycetes. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Aptroot, A. and Feijen, F.J.
Annotated checklist of the lichens and lichenicolous fungi of Bhutan. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Carrión, G. and Rico-Gray, V.
Mycoparasites on the coffee rust in Mexico. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Chacón, S.
Taxonomic notes on the genus Endoxylina (Diatrypales, Ascomycotina) and description of a new species from Mexico. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Desjardin, D.E., Boonpratuang, T. and Hywel-Jones, N.L.

An accounting of the worldwide members of Mycena sect. Longisetae. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Hawksworth, D.L. and Cole, M.S.
Intralichen, a new genus for lichenicolous 'Bispora' and 'Trimmatostroma' species. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Heredia, G., Arias, R.M., Reyes M. and Castañeda-Ruíz, R.

New anamorph fungi with rhombic conidia from Mexican tropical forest litter. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Hyde, K.D., Zhou, D.Q., McKenzie, E.H.C., Ho, W.H. and Dalisay, T.

Vertical distribution of saprobic fungi on bamboo culms. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Hyde, K.D., Yanna, Pinnoi, A. and Jones, E.B.G.

Goidanichiella fusiforma sp. nov. from palm fronds in Brunei and Thailand. (View PDF) (View abstract)

Li, T.H., Song B. and Liu B.
Three taxa of Phallaceae in HMAS, China. (View PDF)(View abstract)

McKenzie, E.H.C., Pinnoi, A., Wong, M.K.M., Hyde, K.D. and Jones, E.B.G.
Two new hyaline Chalara species, and a key to species described since 1975. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Shivas, R.G. and Vánky, K.
A new smut fungus, Sporisorium centrale sp. nov., on Themeda from Australia. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Sivanesan, A. and Shivas, R.G.
Brobdingnagia eucalypticola sp. nov. and Phyllachora neolitseae sp. nov., two new phyllachoraceous ascomycetes from Australia. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Sivanesan, A. and Shivas, R.G.

New species of foliicolous Loculoascomycetes on Dysoxylum, Melaleuca and Syzygium from Queensland, Australia. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Sivanesan, A. and Shivas, R.G.

New species of Lembosia and Lembosina from Australia. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Toofanee, S.B. and Dulymamode, R.

Fungal endophytes associated with Cordemoya integrifolia. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Whitton, S.R., McKenzie, E.H.C. and Hyde, K.D.
Microfungi on the Pandanaceae: Two new species of Camposporium and key to the genus. (View PDF)(View abstract)

New Combinations (View PDF)

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Volume 12, February 2003

Bentes, J.L.S., Barreto, R.W. and Cannon, P.F.
Phyllachora xanthii: redescription and designation of a new type. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Desjardin, D.E., Boonpratuang, T. and Hywel-Jones, N.
New spinose species of Mycena in sections Basipedes and Polyadelphia from Thailand. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Gönczöl, J. and Révay, Á.

Treehole fungal communities: aquatic, aero-aquatic and dematiaceous hyphomycetes. (View PDF)(View abstract)

He, X.M. and Suzuki, A.
Effect of nitrogen resources and pH on growth and fruit body formation of Coprinopsis phlyctidospora. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Ho, W.H., To, P.C. and Hyde, K.D.
Induction of antibiotic production of freshwater fungi using mix-culture fermentation. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Lacap, D.C., Hyde, K.D. and Liew, E.C.Y.
An evaluation of the fungal 'morphotype' concept based on ribosomal DNA sequences. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Lado, C., Estrada-Torres, A., Stephenson, S.L., Wrigley de Basanta, D. and Schnittler, M.
Biodiversity assessment of myxomycetes from two tropical forest reserves in Mexico. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Leaño, E.M., Gapasin, R.S.J., Polohan, B. and Vrijmoed, L.L.P.

Growth and fatty acid production of thraustochytrids from Panay mangroves, Philippines. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Li, T.H., Deng, W.Q. and Song, B.
A new cyanescent species of Gyroporus from China. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Liang, Z.Q., Wang, B. and Kang, J.C.

Several rare entopathogenic fungi from the Western Sichuan mountains. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Lusta, K.A., Kochkina, G.A., Sul, I.W., Chung, I.K., Park, H.S. and Shin, D.
An integrated approach to taxonomical identification of the novel filamentous fungus strain producing extracellular lipases: morphological, physiological and DNA fingerprinting techniques. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Mel'nik, V. and Hyde, K.D.
Typification of Spirodecospora. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Pereira, O.L. and Barreto, R.W.
Anhellia verruco-scopiformans sp. nov. (Myriangiales) associated to scaby brooms of Croton migrans in Brazil. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Romero, A.I. and Carmarán, C.C.
First contribution to the study of Cryptosphaeria from Argentina. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Somrithipol, S. and Jones, E.B.G.
Berkleasmium typhae sp. nov., a new hyphomycete on narrow-leaved cattail (Typha angustifolia) from Thailand. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Song, B., Li, T.H. and Shen, Y.H.

Two new Meliola species from China. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Vánky, K.
The smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) of Hyparrhenia (Poaceae).
(View PDF)(View abstract)

Whitton, S.R., McKenzie, E.H.C. and Hyde, K.D.
Microfungi on the Pandanaceae: Zygosporium, a review of the genus and two new species. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Wu, W.P. and McKenzie, E.H.C.

Obeliospora minima sp. nov. and four other hyphomycetes with conidia bearing appendages. (View PDF)(View abstract)
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Volume 13, June 2003

Cai, L., Zhang, K., McKenzie, E.H.C. and Hyde, K.D.
Freshwater fungi from bamboo and wood submerged in the Liput River in the Philippines. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Hallesmeersch, I. and Vandamme, E.J.
Grass cell wall degradation by fungal cellulases and hemicellulases. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Hawksworth, D.L.
Monitoring and safeguarding fungal resources worldwide: the need for an international collaborative MycoAction Plan. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Hudspeth, D.S.S., Stenger, D. and Hudspeth, M.E.S.
A cox2 phylogenetic hypothesis for the downy mildews and white rusts. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Hyde, K.D.
Mycology and its future in the Asia region. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Kladwang, W., Bhumirattana, A. and Hywel-Jones, N.
Alkaline-tolerant fungi from Thailand. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Li, G.L., Zhu, J.H., Sun, J., Wu, Z.W., Chen, J., Yan, J., Wang, L.F., Chen, G., Jiang, H.Z. and Li, M.G.
Cloning of the phytase gene phyA from Aspergillus ficuum 3.4322 and its expression in yeast. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Peterson, R.H. and Hughes, K.W.
Phylogenetic examples of Asian biodiversity in mushrooms and their relatives. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Phan, H.T.T., Ford, R. and Taylor, P.W.J.
Population structure of Ascochyta rabiei in Australia based on STMS fingerprints. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Shivas, R.G. and Vánky, K.
First record of a smut fungus on Byblidaceae: Yelsemia lowrieana a new species from Australia. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Shivas, R.G. and Vánky, K.
Biodiversity of Australian Smut Fungi. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Vandamme, E.J.
Bioflavours and fragrances via fungi and their enzymes. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Vánky, K.

Cintractiellaceae fam. nov. (Ustilaginomycetes) (View PDF) (View abstract)

Smith, G.J.
The Xylariales: a monophyletic order containing 7 families. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Urairuj, C., Khanongnuch, C. and Lumyong, S.
Ligninolytic enzymes from tropical endophytic Xylariaceae. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Wildman, H.G.
The rise and fall of natural products screening for drug discovery. (View PDF)(View abstract)

Zhao, Z.W., Wang, G.H. and Yang, L.
Biodiversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in tropical rainforests of Xishuangbanna, southwest China. (View PDF)(View abstract)

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Volume 14, October 2003

Aptroot, A. and Sparrius, L.B.
New microlichens from Taiwan (View abstract) (View PDF)

Asef, M.R., Mohammadi Goltapeh, E. and Alizadeh, A.
Identification of Armillaria biological species in Iran (View abstract) (View PDF)

Bussaban, B., Lumyong, P., McKenzie, E.H.C., Hyde, K.D. and Lumyong, S.
Xenosporium amomi sp. nov. from Zingiberaceae in Thailand (View abstract) (View PDF)

Carmarán, C.C. and Novas, M.V. Carmarán, C.C. and Novas, M.V.
A review of Spegazzini taxa of Periconia and Sporocybe after over 115 years (View abstract) (View PDF)

Kirschner, R., Braun, U. and Yang, Z.L.
Pseudocercospora siraitiae sp. nov. (hyphomycetes) on leaves of Siraitia cf. siamensis (Cucurbitaceae) in China (View abstract) (View PDF)

López Lastra, C.C, Mazzucchelli, M.G. and Dikgolz, V.
Temporal changes in the prevalence of three species of Trichomycetes (Zygomycota: Zygomycotina) in Dipteran aquatic larvae from Argentina (View abstract) (View PDF)

Liang, Z.Q., Liu, A.Y., Liu, M.H. and Kang, J.C.
The genus Cordyceps and its allies from the Kuankuoshui Reserve in Guizhou III (View abstract) (View PDF)

Liu, X.F. and Zhang, K.Q.
Dactylella shizishanna sp. nov., from Shizi Mountain, China (View abstract) (View PDF)

Maria, G.L. and Sridhar, K.R.
Diversity of filamentous fungi on woody litter of five mangrove plant species from the southwest coast of India (View abstract) (View PDF)

Prasannarai, K. and Sridhar, K.R.
Abundance and diversity of marine fungi on intertidal woody litter of the west coast of India on prolonged incubation
(View abstract) (View PDF)

Paulus, B., Gadek, P. and Hyde, K.D.

Two new species of Dactylaria (anamorphic fungi) and an update of species in Dactylaria sensu lato (View abstract) (View PDF)

Song, B., Li, T.H. and Hosagoudar, V.B.

Four new Asterina species from Yunnan, China (View abstract) (View PDF)

Tang, A.M.C., Hyde, K.D. and Corlett, R.T.
Diversity of fungi on wild fruits in Hong Kong (View abstract) (View PDF)

Tomita, F.
Endophytes in Southeast Asia and Japan: their taxonomic diversity and potential applications (View abstract) (View PDF)

Vánky, K.
The smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) of Sporobolus (Poaceae) (View abstract) (View PDF)

Vánky, K. and Shivas, R.G.
Further new smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) from Australia (View abstract) (View PDF)

Wu, W.P. and Sutton, B.C.
Paracryptophiale pirozynskii sp. nov., an undescribed hyphomycete (View abstract) (View PDF)

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Volume 15, February 2004

Bucher, V.V.C., Hyde, K.D., Pointing, S.B. and Reddy, C.A.

Production of wood decay enzymes, mass loss and lignin solubilization in wood by marine ascomycetes and their anamorphs (View abstract) (View PDF)

Chang, Y.S. and Lee, S.S.
Utilisation of Macrofungi species in Malaysia (View abstract) (View PDF)

Chawachart, N., Khanongnuch, C., Watanabe, T and Lumyong, S.

Rice bran as an efficient substrate for laccase production from thermotolerant basidiomycete Coriolus versicolor strain RC3 (View abstract) (View PDF)

Keirle, M.R, Hemmes, D.E. and Desjardin, D.E.

Agaricales of the Hawaiian Islands. 8. Agaricaceae: Coprinus and Podaxis; Psathyrellaceae: Coprinopsis, Coprinellus and Parasola (View abstract) (View PDF)

Dong, J.Y., Zhao, Z.X., Cai, L., Liu, S.Q., Zhang, H.R., Duan, M. and Zhang, K.Q.

Nematicidal effect of freshwater fungal cultures against the pine-wood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (View abstract) (View PDF)

Geldenhuis, M.M., Roux, J., Montenegro, F., De Beer, Z.W., Wingfield, M.J. and Wingfield, B.D.
Identification and pathogenicity of Graphium and Pesotum species from machete wounds on Schizolobium parahybum in Ecuador (View abstract) (View PDF)

Ferraro, L.I.

Morphological diversity in the hyphopores of Gomphillaceae (Ostroplaes, lichenized Ascomycetes) (View abstract) (View PDF)

Ho. W.H. and Hyde, K.D.
A new type of conidial septal pore in fungi (View abstract) (View PDF)

Khanongnuch, C., Wanphrut, N., Lumyong, S. and Watanabe, T.
Thermotolerant wood rotting fungi isolated from northern Thailand and their potential uses in lignin degrading applications (View abstract) (View PDF)

Suryanarayanan, T.S. and Thennarasan, S.
Temporal variation in endophyte assemblages of Plumeria rubra leaves (View abstract) (View PDF)

Tsui, C.K.M. and Hyde, K.D.
Biodiversity of fungi on submerged wood in a stream and estuary in the Tai Ho Bay, Hong Kong (View abstract) (View PDF)

Vánky, K.

The smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) of Bothriochloa, Capillipedium and Dichanthium (Poaceae) (View abstract) (View PDF)

Wei, J.G. and Xu, T.

Pestalotiopsis kunmingensis sp. nov., an endophyte from Podocarpus macrophyllus (View abstract) (View PDF)

Zhao, R.L., Yang, Y.M. and Zhao, G.C.

Pseudolachnella vermospora sp. nov. from Yushania vigens in China (View abstract) (View PDF)

Zhou, X.D., de Beer, Z.W., Ahumada, R., Wingfield, B.D. and Wingfield, M.J.

Ophiostoma and Ceratocystiopsis spp. associated with two pine-infesting bark beetles in Chile (View abstract) (View PDF)

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Volume 16, June 2004

James H. Cunnington, Ann C. Lawrie and Ian G. Pascoe1
Unexpected ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer sequence variation within Erysiphe aquilegiae sensu lato (View abstract) (View PDF)

B. Czeczuga and E. Muszynska
Aquatic zoosporic fungi from baited spores of cryptogams (View abstract) (View PDF)

Kanad Das, Jai R. Sharma1 and Leticia Montoya

Lactarius (Russulaceae) in Kumaon Himalaya. 1. New species of subgenus Russularia (View abstract) (View PDF)

El-Sayed M. El-Morsy

Evaluation of microfungi for the biological control of water hyacinth in Egypt (View abstract) (View PDF)

Liang-Dong Guo, Li Xu1, Wei-Hong Zheng and Kevin D. Hyde

Genetic variation of Alternaria alternata, an endophytic fungus isolated from Pinus tabulaeformis as determined by random amplified microsatellites (RAMS) (View abstract) (View PDF)

J. Gönczöl and Ágnes Révay
Fungal spores in rainwater: stemflow, throughfall and gutter conidial assemblages (View abstract) (View PDF)

Terri S.W. Lee, W.H. Ho and Kevin D. Hyde
Ultrastructure of the asci and ascospores of Torrentispora fibrosa (View abstract) (View PDF)

Jing Luo, Junfeng Yin, Lei Cai, Keqin Zhang and Kevin D. Hyde
Freshwater fungi in Lake Dianchi, a heavily polluted lake in Yunnan, China (View abstract) (View PDF)

Juan L. Mata, Roy E. Halling and Ronald H. Petersen
New species and mating system reports in Gymnopus (Agaricales) from Costa Rica (View abstract) (View PDF)

Wipornpan Photita, Saisamorn Lumyong, Pipob Lumyong, Eric H.C. McKenzie and Kevin D. Hyde
Are some endophytes of Musa acuminata latent pathogens? (View abstract) (View PDF)

John D. Shadwick and Steven L. Stephenson

First records of protostelids from northern India (View abstract) (View PDF)

Roger G. Shivas, James H. Cunnington and Kálmán Vánky
Two new species of Ustilaginomycetes on Chrysopogon fallax from Australia (View abstract) (View PDF)

Bin Song, Tai-Hui Li, and Fu-Wu Xing
Some interesting species of Asterina from Guangdong, China (View abstract) (View PDF)

Kálmán Vánky
The smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) of Boutelouinae (Poaceae) (View abstract) (View PDF)

Kálmán Vánky
The smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) of Muhlenbergia (Poaceae) (View abstract) (View PDF)

Wei Zhou and Keqin Zhang
A new species of genus Pseudoclathrus from Yunnan, China (View abstract) (View PDF)

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Volume 17, October 2004

Ittichai Chatmala, Jariya Sakayaroj1, Sayanh Somrithipol and Souwalak Phongpaichit

Marine hyphomycetes of Thailand and Cumulospora varia sp. nov. (View abstract) (View PDF)

F.A. Fernández and S.M. Huhndorf

Neotropical pyrenomycetes: Porosphaerella borinquensis sp. nov. and its Pseudobotrytis terrestris anamorph (View abstract) (View PDF)

Sally C. Fryar, Webber Booth, Johnathon Davies, I. John Hodgkiss and Kevin D. Hyde
Distribution of fungi on wood in the Tutong River, Brunei (View abstract) (View PDF)

R. Jeewon, E.C.Y. Liew and K.D. Hyde
Phylogenetic evaluation of species nomenclature of Pestalotiopsis in relation to host association (View abstract) (View PDF)

Roland Kirschner, Meike Piepenbring and Chee Jen Chen
Some cercosporoid hyphomycetes from Taiwan, including a new species of Stenella and new reports of Distocercospora pachyderma and Phacellium paspali (View abstract) (View PDF)

D. Siva Sundara Kumar and Kevin D. Hyde
Biodiversity and tissue-recurrence of endophytic fungi in Tripterygium wilfordii (View abstract) (View PDF)

Seonju Lee, Vadim Mel'nik, Joanne E. Taylor and Pedro W. Crous
Diversity of saprobic hyphomycetes on Proteaceae and Restionaceae from South Africa (View abstract) (View PDF)

A. Montoya, A. Kong, A. Estrada-Torres, J. Cifuentes and J. Caballero
Useful wild fungi of La Malinche National Park, Mexico (View abstract) (View PDF)

Umpava Pinruan, Eric H.C. McKenzie, E.B. Gareth Jones and Kevin D. Hyde

Two new species of Stachybotrys, and a key to the genus (View abstract) (View PDF)

Kálmán Vánky
New smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) from Mexico, and the genus Lundquistia (View abstract) (View PDF)

Larissa N. Vasilyeva and Steven L. Stephenson
Pyrenomycetes of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I. Diatrype Fr. (Diatrypaceae) (View abstract) (View PDF)

N. Wannathes, D.E. Desjardin, A. Retnowati, Y.S. Tan and S. Lumyong

A redescription of Marasmius pellucidus, a species widespread in South Asia (View abstract) (View PDF)

Lifang Zhang, Junbo Yang and Zhuliang Yang
Molecular phylogeny of eastern Asian species of Amanita (Agaricales, Basidiomycota): taxonomic and biogeographic implications (View abstract) (View PDF)

Wei Min Zhang, Tai Hui Li, Yue Qin Chen and Liang Hu Qu
Cordyceps campsosterna, a new pathogen of Campsosternus auratus (View abstract) (View PDF)

Tong Xin Zhou1, Li Zhong Zhao, Rui Lin Zhao and Yu Hui Chen

Bird's nest fungi from China (View abstract) (View PDF)

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Volume 18, February 2005

Cai, L., Zhang, K.Q. and Hyde, K.D.

Ascoyunnania aquatica gen. et sp. nov., a freshwater fungus collected from China and its microcylic conidiation (View abstract) (View PDF)

Desjardin, D.E., Capelari, M. and Stevani, C.V.
A new bioluminescent agaric from São Paulo, Brazil (View abstract) (View PDF)

Fernández, F.A. and Huhndorf, S.M.

New species of Chaetosphaeria, Melanopsammella and Tainosphaeria gen. nov. from the Americas (View abstract) (View PDF)

Fryar, S.C., Booth, W., Davies, J., Hodgkiss, I.J. and Hyde, K.D.
Evidence of in situ competition between fungi in freshwater (View abstract) (View PDF)

Hattori, T.
Diversity of wood-inhabiting polypores in temperate forest with different vegetation types in Japan (View abstract) (View PDF)

Heluta, V.P., Braun, U. and Gvritishvili, M.N.
Podosphaera salatai sp. nov. (Erysiphales) from Georgia (View abstract) (View PDF)

Liberato, J.R. and Barreto, R.W.

Additions to the Brazilian Erysiphaceae: Ovulariopsis durantae sp. nov. and Streptopodium tabebuiae sp. nov. (View abstract) (View PDF)

Mo, M.H., Huang, X.W., Zhou, W., Huang, Y., Hao, Y.E. and Zhang, K.Q.
Arthrobotrys yunnanensis sp. nov., the fourth anamorph of Orbilia auricolor (View abstract) (View PDF)

Photita, W., Taylor, P.W.J., Ford, R., Hyde, K.D. and Lumyong, S.
Morphological and molecular characterization of Colletotrichum species from herbaceous plants in Thailand (View abstract) (View PDF)

Sakayaroj, J., Phongpaichit, S. and Jones, E.B.G.

Viability and biodiversity of freshwater hyphomycetes in foam at Ton Nga Chang Wildlife-Sanctuary, Songkhla, southern Thailand (View abstract) (View PDF)

Soares, D.J., Nechet, K.L. and Barreto, R.W.
Cordana versicolor sp. nov. (dematiaceous hyphomycete) causing leaf-spot on Canna denudata (Cannaceae) in Brazil, with observations on Cordana musae (View abstract) (View PDF)

Villegas, M., Cifuentes, J. and Torres, A.E.

Sporal characters in Gomphales and their significance for phylogenetics (View abstract) (View PDF)

Vánky, K.
The smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) of Chrysopogon (Poaceae) (View abstract) (View PDF)

Youpensuk, S., Rerkasem, B., Dell, B. and Lumyong, S.

Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on a fallow enriching tree (Macaranga denticulata) (View abstract) (View PDF)

Zhao, G.Z. and Liu, X.Z.

A review of Cirrenalia (hyphomycetes) and a new species (View abstract) (View PDF)

Zhuang, W.Y.
Re-disposition of specimens filed under Lachnea in HMAS (View abstract) (View PDF)

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Volume 19, June 2005

Cai L., Jeewon R. and Hyde K.D.
Phylogenetic evaluation and taxonomic revision of Schizothecium based on ribosomal DNA and protein coding genes (
View abstract) (View PDF)

Huhndorf, S.M. and Fernández, F.A.
Teleomorph-anamorph connections: Chaetosphaeria raciborskii and related species, and their Craspedodidymum-like anamorphs (View abstract) (View PDF)

Iotti, M., Barbieri, E., Stocchi, V. and Zambonelli, A.
Morphological and molecular characterisation of mycelia of ectomycorrhizal fungi in pure culture (View abstract) (View PDF)

Lee, S., Roets, F. and Crous, P.W.
Biodiversity of saprobic microfungi asscociated with the infructescences of Protea species in South Africa (View abstract) (View PDF)

Lim, Y.W., Kim, J.J., Lu, M. and Breuil, C.
Determining fungal diversity on Dendroctonus ponderosae and Ips pini affecting lodgepole pine using cultural and molecular methods (View abstract) (View PDF)

Nong, Y. and Zhuang, W.Y.
Preliminary Survey of Bionectriaceae and Nectriaceae (Hypocreales, Ascomycetes) from Jigongshan, China (View abstract) (View PDF)

Pascoal, C., Marvanová, L. and Cássio, F.

Aquatic hyphomycete diversity in streams of Northwest Portugal (View abstract) (View PDF)

Rizzo, A.M. and Pang, K.L.
New primers for detection of Smittium spp. (Trichomycetes, Zygomycota) in insect hosts (View abstract) (View PDF)

Somrithipol, S. and Jones, E.B.G.
An addition to the hyphomycete genus Melanographium from Thailand (View abstract) (View PDF)

Tanaka, K., Harada, Y. and Barr, M.E.
Trematosphaeria: taxonomic concepts, new species from Japan and key to species (View abstract) (View PDF)

Van Ryckegem, G. and Verbeken, A.

Fungal ecology and succession on Phragmites australis in a brackish tidal marsh. I. Leaf sheaths (View abstract) (View PDF)

Vasilyeva, L.N. and Stephenson, S.L.
Pyrenomycetes of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. II. Cryptovalsa Ces. et De Not. and Diatrypella (Ces. et De Not.) Nitschke (Diatrypaceae) (View abstract) (View PDF)

Zhao, G.Z. and Zhang, T.Y.
Notes on dictyosporous hyphomycetes from China VII. The genus Nimbya (View abstract) (View PDF)

Zhao, M.L., Huang, J.S., Mo, M.H. and Zhang, K.Q.
A potential virulence factor involved in fungal pathogenicity: serine-like protease activity of nematophagous fungus Clonostachys rosea
(View abstract) (View PDF)

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28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 -

Volume 20, October 2005

Francisco Arenal1, Gonzalo Platas and Fernando Peláez

Two new Preussia species defined based on morphological and molecular evidencerotein coding genes (View PDF)

Victor M. Bandala, Leticia Montoya and Daniel Jarvio
Agarics from coffee plantations in Eastern Mexico: two new records (View PDF)

G. Delgado, J. Mena-Portales, J. Gené and J. Guarro
New species of Cryptophialoidea and Hughesinia (hyphomycetes, anamorphic fungi) from Cuba. (
View PDF)

Marieka Gryzenhout, Henrietta Myburg, Brenda D. Wingfield, Fernando Montenegro and Michael J. Wingfield
Chrysoporthe doradensis sp. nov. pathogenic to Eucalyptus in Ecuador (
View PDF)

Sabine M. Huhndorf, Andrew N. Miller, Fernando A. Fernández and D. Jean Lodge
Neotropical Ascomycetes 13. Cornipulvina and Erythromada, two new genera from the Caribbean and elsewhere (
View PDF)

Hyang Burm Lee, Kyung Mo Kim and Hack Sung Jung
Paraphaeosphaeria recurvifoliae, a new species causing leaf spots and necrosis on Yucca recurvifolia (View PDF)

Zong Qi Liang, Yan Feng Han, Hua Li Chu and Ai Ying Liu
Studies on the genus Paecilomyces in China. (View PDF)

Magyar D., Gönczöl J., Révay Á., Grillenzoni F. and Seijo-Coello M.D.C.
Stauro- and scolecoconidia in floral and honeydew honeys (
View PDF)

Pierre-Arthur Moreau
A nomenclatural revision of the genus Alnicola (Cortinariaceae) (View PDF)

Götz Palfner
Tylopilus temucensis sect. Oxydabiles (Fungi, Basidiomycota, Boletaceae), new species and first record of the genus from Southamerican Nothofagus forest (View PDF)

Itthayakorn Promputtha, Rajesh Jeewon, Saisamorn Lumyong, Eric H.C. McKenzie and Kevin D. Hyde
Ribosomal DNA fingerprinting in the identification of non sporulating endophytes from Magnolia liliifera (Magnoliaceae) (View PDF)

Konstanze Schubert and Uwe Braun
Taxonomic revision of the genus Cladosporium s.l. 4. Species reallocated to Asperisporium, Dischloridium, Fusicladium, Passalora, Pseudoasperisporium and Stenella (View PDF)

Gunther Van Ryckegem and Annemieke Verbeken
Fungal ecology and succession on Phragmites australis in a brackish tidal marsh. II. Stems (View PDF)

Yu Wang, Liang-Dong Guo and Kevin D. Hyde
Taxonomic placement of sterile morphotypes of endophytic fungi from Pinus tabulaeformis (Pinaceae) in northeast China based on rDNA sequences (View PDF)

D. Wrigley de Basanta and C. Lado
A taxonomic evaluation of the stipitate Licea species. (View PDF)

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